The Music Run™ Shenzhen 2016 #LIVETHEBEAT

The Music Run Shenzhen # LIVETHEBEAT

The Music Run (The Ultimate 5K Running & Music Festival) is one of the fastest growing events of globally - a future focused, interactive and entertainment 5KM run that puts music at its heart. Offering a unique total music immersion experience amplified by over 120 concert extreme speakers lining the entire route, the running event has been making waves in Asia with sell-out crowds in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Yangon, Singapore and now Shenzhen. 

Sixiang Printing, a leading provider of cardboard display company, all members to participate in this events on May 22th 2016 who enjoy RUN. DANCE. PARTY. We are a simply group of people who work together with passion, youthful and responsibility. we love music, love life and focus on creating any cardboard display that you can imagine.

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